What is the scope of our help in model scientific works?

We create model studies in the full range of specialist scientific works. Writing a doctoral thesis or habilitation thesis is treated as an opportunity to present their skills skills, supported on solid substantive foundations. We do not differentiate orders: we treat monographs, doctoral theses and postdoctoral thesis equally seriously and honestly, regardless of the nature of the text we help to co-create. Our help aims to support professional development in order to build the best possible scientific position of our clients. We are aware of the situation that it is often the case that since you have an adequate academic degree depends not only on making important life decisions, but also the possibility of getting a specific position, promotion or maintaining your current position. For this reason, we treat the writing of reference scientific works in a reliable way, being competent to provide the best possible support. As the only company in UK, we have the possibility to fully provide support and scientific assistance in the areas that we have specified in our offer. This is the best testimony to what level of performance we can guarantee and how seriously we treat our responsibilities related to the standard writing of scientific papers.

Why is it worth to trust and use OUR help in the implementation of reference scientific texts …?

We are the oldest European company creating patterns of highly specialized scientific works. We have many years of experience, being a group of scientists (not: laymen who are bizarrely “trained” to carry out scientific tasks), so we have all the competence to convey theoretical knowledge in relation to what we do every day in our mother scientific units . The element of didactic practice combined with the possession of adequate academic degrees in the areas of which we provide help is the most reliable justification for the reasons why you can trust our help.

We guarantee the highest possible quality of workmanship!

“Competition” is without a chance! A few facts about the value of our support in creating the best scientific works.

We have many years of experience behind us, behind our “competitors” stand – exclusively – low prices and poor quality of their implementation; most often, boiling down to plagiarism, because “competitors” do not have the right amount of professional authors to ensure proper implementation. For us, such behavior is unacceptable! Standard doctoral dissertations or postdoctoral dissertations require that they be prepared in a proper way … or not at all. In our opinion, only reliable help is right in this market. It is for this reason that for over a dozen years we have been providing you with the highest possible quality of help in creating exemplary scientific works. We are not the cheapest – we are the best. We are not interested in “racing” in the lowest price category. We are the oldest European company providing such specialized services and we can write openly: we are scientists, so we do not offer the lowest market prices for modeling scientific publications, because we do not compete on price, but on the quality of our patterns! This is a completely different model of building an offer of help for you, than does our “competition”, focused only on the lowest price and quick preparation of a weak scientific text. As professionals, we know that cheaply it is not possible to offer the right level of performance of the model service of preparing scientific texts, because the price must be an adequate exponent of the quality of patterns prepared by our academic authors. It is also worth emphasizing that as the only European company we can offer full assistance in all areas that are in our offer. This best shows how high scientific quality we can offer as part of our help for you.

Professional authors with many years of experience

We are active scientists: we do not compete in price, but the highest quality of our model studies!

Regardless of whether we create a model scientific article, doctorate, monograph or habilitation the priority is always the level of performance, not the lowest price. Each exemplary habilitation dissertation or doctoral dissertation is created by professionals who have not only a degree in a given field (this is obvious to us: we do not cooperate with authors who do not have academic degrees), but also – high skills in preparing standard scientific texts. This ensures that the author is not only a dormitory, but also a person with practical ability to write a model work. The writing of scientific works understood in this way (not only postdoctoral dissertations, but all kinds of scientific publications) emphasizes the best effect, which means a certain success of our clients. As we mentioned, we are competing in this market with high quality – not a low valuation. We leave the “lowest price” race for “competition”, which is not able to guarantee the quality which is for us the scientific gold standard. In this respect, none of the other companies is able to offer you a higher level of service performance!